Park West Associations

When you purchase a home in Park West, you automatically become a member of three separate Associations. Each Association has a fee that is billed yearly to the home owner. The neighborhood Association (HOA) fee will vary for each neighborhood and the Master and Amenity Association fees are the same for each home owner. Here is a brief description of each association and its' function.

Home Owner Association (HOA):

The individual neighborhood within Park West that you purchase your home is your neighborhood Home Owner Association or HOA. Each neighborhood is represented by its board of directors elected by the neighborhood residents. The HOA board chooses an Association Management company to assist in the task of management operations and administration of the association. General responsibilities include maintaining the common grounds, enforcing the rules outlined in the covenants and restrictions for the neighborhood, assuring architectural guidelines are adhered to, and administration and collection of the neighborhood association fees. The Association fees are used to offset expenses for elements such as entrance monuments, landscaping, lighting, irrigation, pond maintenance, insurance and capital improvements.

Park West Master (PWMA):

The Master Association, for which you are automatically a member, maintains all the landscaping, irrigation, walking paths, ponds, lighting and fountains along our streets and common areas which make Park West such an attractive place to live. Annual Park West Master Association (PWMA) dues are collected from every homeowner towards the maintenance costs and operations of the Park West Master Association.

Park West Amenity Center (PWAA):

The Park West Amenity Center Association, which you are also a member of, focuses on the maintenance and operations of the amenities for your community. Amenities include two pools, a Summer kitchen, Clubhouse, 6 tennis courts, sand volleyball court, playground, crabbing dock and walking paths. As with the Master Association, there is an annual fee collected from each home owner that helps to offset the expenses incurred for safely running and maintaining these amenities.

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