About Park West

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Each Park West neighborhood has its own special character, architectural style and price range. Any one of our current Park West home builder's will work with you to choose the perfect lot and house plan. Or, ask to see an existing home and move in immediately. You'll be charmed by Park West's friendly neighborhoods, traditional low country styles and impeccable attention to detail. Development is strictly controlled by exacting standards. Nothing has been left to chance, from an environmentalist who helped us lay out our land plan to preserve and protect nature, to our architects, landscapers and designers dedicated to keeping Park West a community of incomparable beauty.

The Neighborhoods

Abbotts Glenn  |  Andover |  Arlington |  Avian  | Bergenfield Berkleigh |  Bessemer Park |  Cambridge |  Commons |  Cascade Center Park North |   Center Park South |  Churchill Park |  Coatbridge |  Covington |  Foxmoor |  Haddington |  Hall Pointe |  Hampshire |  Kensington |  Keswick |  Kingsbridge |  Liberty Cottages |  Madison |  Mansfield |  Marshwalk |  Masonborough |  Melrose |  Park Island |  Park Place |  Pembroke |  Preston |  Summerlin |  Somerby |  Tennyson |  Tennyson Row |  The Abbey |  The Battery |  The Gates |  The Village |  Warrington |  Wellesley Place |  Wheatstone |  Wyndham

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